Dr. Battino believes we need a strong, universal health care system.

Health care is a human right, and we need a system that reflects those values.

Every day, Dr. Battino sees patients who are underinsured and uninsured; they often tell her that they are more terrified of financial ruin than breast cancer. In the wealthiest country on earth, no one should have to choose between bankruptcy and their health. Dr. Battino supports Medicare for All, so we all can have access to comprehensive, affordable, high-quality health care.

In the United States Senate, Gillian will be fully committed to solving the tough health care issues we face, like improving the affordability of prescription drugs, reducing health care disparities, addressing the maternal and infant mortality crises, and improving access to both mental health care and addiction treatment. Dr. Battino has the motivation, expertise, and integrity necessary to bring clarity to the health care debates in Washington D.C.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it painfully clear that our health care system needs serious improvement. As a public health professional who has seen, up close and personal, the effects of this crisis, Dr. Battino is committed to the development of robust national programs to control the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccination programs, education, and research. Gillian will advocate for increased research into the long-term effects of COVID-19 and the funding of a strong public health system, so we can support survivors while preventing the next pandemic. Dr. Battino also believes the U.S. needs to lead in the efforts to protect global health, including through vaccine sharing.