Dr. Battino knows the fallout of institutional racism is tearing our communities and our country apart.

She strongly believes that the effects of systemic racism, including the denial of it, proves time and again to be the most apparent threat to our democracy. Our systems of criminal justice, policing, health care, housing, zoning, education, and transportation all perpetuate racial injustice. Hundreds of years of unequal systems, designed to prevent Black and brown people from advancing in American society, have come to a head. This history, however, is not bigger or more powerful than the will of the American people to live in a free and prosperous society.

Gillian is committed to fighting for equality and dismantling racial injustice. She supports more federal initiatives to identify and resolve racial prejudice in every aspect of American life. From business tax incentives to job training to education and health care, we can organize and mobilize to end this repugnant relic of our history.

Police violence against Black Americans is an enduring atrocity in our country which must end. Police brutality, racial profiling, and racial inequality are incredibly urgent, and Gillian is committed to supporting policies that will end this violence.